“ A thousand destinations...
                              Millions of journeys...”

After 10 years of the most enjoyable travels for myself and fellow explorers in Brazil; Brazilkibong Creative Journeys grew from operating in Brazil only, to planning travel to other amazing South American countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, as well as to South Africa, Southern and East Africa.
We have assisted 100’s of travellers with solo trips, family trips, business trips, NGO trips, groups, conference add-on trips, engagements, honeymoons and big events like the previous two Soccer World Cups.
Kibong is an easier way to pronounce the popular Portuguese phrase “Que bom” which expresses approval or delight. So whilst Brazil still remains close to our heart and central to business, the name Brazil-kibong doesn’t describe the mix of business and destinations we offer as does our new name: SA-Kibong, with SA incorporating South America and South Africa (south of the equator).
We’d like to thank all our Brazilkibong clients for their continued support and please expect the same level of enthusiasm and service as we evolve to SA-Kibong. And for anybody else wanting to visit one of these amazing destinations – please don’t hesitate to contact us at www.sakibong.com or louis@sakibong.com

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